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Do I need to adjust the security settings on my computer?

The vast majority of members are able to earn Cashback without needing to adjust any settings on their computers. If you are using a normal work or home computer (sometimes called 'standard build') then Cashback should track automatically providing none of the security settings have been changed. Some computers however, with particular security settings, may block retailers from tracking your Cashback.
If you think you are having problems with Cashback tracking, you can check the following to see if any of the points apply to you:
Internet Explorer - go to Tools -> Internet Options and click on the Privacy/Security tab. 'Medium' is the default setting, and is recommended by Microsoft for everyday internet use. This setting will enable retailers to set tracking cookies, and therefore allow you to earn Cashback.
Firefox (in Mircrosoft Windows) - Choose Tools -> Options from the menu, then select the privacy tab. From here choose 'cookies' and tick the box that says 'allow sites to set cookies'. The 'for originating website only' option should be unchecked.
Firefox (in Mac) - Choose Firefox -> Preferences from the menu, then select the privacy tab. From here tick the box that says 'Accept cookies from sites' and also tick 'Accept third-party cookies'.
If you use Norton Internet Security or Zone Alarm Pro or Kerio Personal Firewall you will need to disable the ad blocking feature. Turning off ad blocking is a very simple procedure that does not harm your internet security. Ad blocking is not necessary for most internet users.
Norton Internet Security: double click on the green 'globe' icon on the task bar at the bottom right of your screen. This will open up Norton. Click on 'Ad Blocking' from the main screen. Then click on 'turn off' from the right hand menu bar. Disabling this feature does NOT affect your firewall.
Zone Alarm Pro: turn off 'cookie control' and 'ad blocking'. Double click on the Zone Alarm icon on the taskbar at the bottom right of your screen, click on the privacy button, and move the relevant sliders to the 'off' position. Disabling these features does NOT affect your firewall.
Kerio Personal Firewall: consult your software help for instructions on disabling ad blocking on this product.
Anti-spyware or Anti-adware Products: these products are sometimes over zealous in protecting your privacy and prevent us from tracking your purchase. If you have such a product that runs continuously in the background (i.e. an icon is displayed on your toolbar on the bottom right of the screen) you should exit this product when attempting to earn Cashback.
Other Advert Blocking or Cookie Blocking Software (except pop up blockers): if you have any other advert blocking or cookie blocking software you must also disable it to earn Cashback. This excludes pop up blockers such as the Google toolbar which ARE compatible with Cashback tracking.